Please read Day 19-20: Reflections for recent updates on this blog.

This [originally] 3-month project is an attempt to become acquainted with the 78-card tarot deck. I will be drawing a card-a-day using THE RIDER-WAITE TAROT DECK; and referring to the following books:

by Alexa Young

by Alexa Young.


2 comments on “About”

  1. Just found your blog… Wonderful…

    I looked for the two books by Alexa Young but couldn’t find them online. Do you know a source?

    • Rosemary,
      The first edition of Star Tarot Revelations has just recently been published in Sedona, AZ. They did a very small printing, I think. Just 50 copies or so. I was lucky enough to get one of the few copies they had available, because I work with one of Alexa’s daughters who is handling the publication/distribution. I’ll speak to her about how she plans to distribute the books, and post an update as soon as I find out!
      The symbols book has not been published yet. I’ve been able to work from an incomplete loose leaf manuscript for my blog. I don’t know what their plans or time frame are for the release of the book.
      Anyway, both books are excellent. I’ve read several books on the tarot, but Alexa’s have been the most comprehensive and resonant for me so far.
      I’ll post an update (and send out an email) as soon as I find out how you can get a hold of the book 🙂
      & thank you for reading my blog!

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