Page/Princess of Cups

45/78, 33 cards to go!

As I use these cards, I start to forget whether I am studying the tarot or myself. It’s like the elements that make up who I am–my history, my innermost thoughts, every experience and emotion, joy or difficulty–are synonymous with the deck I hold in my hands. As if the deck is my body and everything held within it. When I am examining these cards, my reflection looks back at me. The tarot; a multi-dimensional mirror.

When I look at the Page/Princess of Cups, I see all my romantic notions. The sunflowers I almost bought yesterday. The love letters that seagulls write in the sand in that strange script of little birds’ feet. I love the whimsical and comic quality of this card. The way the Page and the fish stare at each other. The Page with a hand on his hip as if to say, “hey little guy, whatcha doing in there?” I even love the outfit that the Page is wearing, covered in open lotus blossoms. S/he’s so open and receptive to love.

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